Green Gables neighborhood proper would be a smaller group of houses North of Morrison and South of Jewell, approximately 700 homes built in the late 1960's and early 70's. For the purposes of this article we will expand to include sub-neighborhoods Valley View, Southern Gables, a couple previously built townhome and condo complexes bordering the older Gables housing complex, as well as the currently in construction complex Green Gables Reserve, which is offering housing across a variety of spectrums including apartments, townhomes, and new construction homes of various echelons bordered by retail offerings as well. For a rough geographical area, we are referencing property bordering Wadsworth with Garrison Street being the furthest West boundary, south of Jewell Avenue. This area is known for it's numerous outdoor offerings, the nearby vicinity includes no less than 4 sizable and well-maintained parks, additional attractions including the following:

Golf Courses - Fox Hollow, Foothills, and The Meadows are all within 6 miles, full length quality courses
Carmody Recreation Center - Full Size amenities available to residents at discount rates
Red Rocks Amphitheater and Other Foothills Attractions a short drive away!

Green Gables is served by the following Public Schools:

Green Gables Elementary Carmody Middle School Bear Creek High School

Green Gables and Green Gables Reserve