West Washington Park, while occasionally mis-identified as Baker, the neighborhood directly North, offer's a very distinct Denver lifestyle unique to itself. Neighborhood boundaries are approximately Logan Street on the West, Louisiana Street on the South, Virginia Avenue on the North, and Downing Street(Washington Park itself) on the East. Self-contained, walkable, social, and cool without pretentious are descriptions that come to mind. Great local eateries such as Vert Cafe and Pete's Central One are abundant.  There are also many National chains in the vicinity, including a Whole Food’s Supermarket on the southern end of the neighborhood.  With venerable Washington Park itself making up the Eastern boundary, dog-friendly and a large amount of recreational opportunities would be understatements.  West Wash Park has a lot to offer a variety of demographics, a unique Denver lifestyle destination!

 West Washington Park is serviced by Denver Public School District 1.  The Schools are:

Elementary -  Lincoln Elementary School  Middle – Grant Middle School   South High School 

West Washington Park